How Long Are Yoga Mats? The Ultimate Guide 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

tl;dr: Yoga mats come in various lengths, typically ranging from 68 to 85 inches.

How long are Yoga mats? When it comes to yoga mats, one size does not fit all. The length of a yoga mat can vary depending on your personal preferences and needs. In this article, we will explore the standard lengths of yoga mats, as well as the options for extra-long mats. We will also discuss important considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right length for your yoga practice.

Standard length of yoga mats

68 inches

The most common length for yoga mats is 68 inches. This length is suitable for most individuals and provides enough space for various yoga poses and movements. If you are of average height or shorter, a 68-inch mat should be sufficient for your practice.

72 inches

For taller individuals or those who prefer a bit more room to move around, a 72-inch yoga mat may be a better option. This extra length can provide added comfort and flexibility during your practice, especially if you have a longer torso or limbs.

Extra-long yoga mats

How Long Are Yoga Mats

74 inches

If you find that a standard-length mat doesn’t quite meet your needs, consider an extra-long yoga mat. These mats typically measure 74 inches in length and are designed to accommodate taller individuals or those who prefer a larger practice area. The additional length can be particularly beneficial for poses that require more space, such as the Savasana or the Extended Triangle Pose.

78 inches

For even more length, there are yoga mats available in 78 inches. These mats are ideal for individuals who are exceptionally tall or have a longer reach. With a 78-inch mat, you can fully stretch out without worrying about your hands or feet extending beyond the mat’s surface.

85 inches

The longest yoga mats on the market measure 85 inches in length. These mats are specifically designed for individuals who require an extensive practice area or those who want the freedom to move without any limitations. If you are exceptionally tall or simply prefer a spacious mat, an 85-inch option may be the perfect fit for you.

Considerations for choosing the right length

Your height

When selecting a yoga mat, your height is an essential factor to consider. Taller individuals generally benefit from longer mats to ensure their entire body stays on the mat during poses. Conversely, if you are of average height or shorter, a standard-length mat should provide ample space for your practice.

Type of yoga practice

The type of yoga practice you engage in can also influence your mat length preference. If you primarily practice gentle or restorative yoga, a standard-length mat may be sufficient. However, if you enjoy dynamic and flowing styles like Vinyasa or Ashtanga, you may benefit from a longer mat to accommodate the wider range of movements and transitions.

Portability and storage

Another consideration is the portability and storage of your yoga mat. Longer mats can be bulkier and may require more space when rolled up. If you frequently travel with your mat or have limited storage space at home, a standard-length mat might be more practical.


In conclusion, yoga mats come in various lengths to suit different individuals and practices. The standard lengths of 68 and 72 inches are suitable for most people, while extra-long mats ranging from 74 to 85 inches cater to taller individuals or those who prefer a larger practice area. When choosing the right length, consider your height, the type of yoga you practice, and the portability/storage requirements. By selecting a yoga mat that fits your needs, you can enhance your practice and enjoy the benefits of yoga to the fullest.


  • What is the standard length for a yoga mat?

    The standard length for a yoga mat is 68 inches.

  • Are all yoga mats the same length?

    No, yoga mats can vary in length. Some may be shorter or longer than the standard length.

  • Should a yoga mat be longer than you?

    Ideally, a yoga mat should be at least as long as your body to provide enough space for your practice.

  • Is a 1/2 inch or 1 inch yoga mat better?

    The thickness of a yoga mat depends on personal preference. A 1/2 inch mat may provide more cushioning, while a 1 inch mat may offer more stability.

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